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Best Pecans Cultivars for Oklahoma, Texas

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One of the most common questions I receive throughout the year is, "What pecan cultivar is best for me?" This question is not always the easiest to answer. With more than 1,000 named cultivars, there are plenty from which to choose. Unfortunately, there is no perfect cultivar. A cultivar may work good in one area or one orchard and not do as well in another. Sometimes cultivars in the same area perform differently because of differences in soil, water and/or management.

Another problem in determining which cultivar to plant is the fact that we are at the mercy of the nurseries and what they have to offer. Normally, nurseries will offer what is the most popular at the time because they have to be sure they can sell as many trees as possible.

Determining how willing you are to manage the trees goes a long way in determining which cultivars to plant. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to produce the highest quality pecans and have the resources to achieve this management, including water, then selection of larger nut cultivars are normally good choices. However, if you want to minimize inputs and lessen management requirements, selecting a smaller nut cultivar would be best.

Colored dots around the pecan cultivars indicate recommendation for trial planting (blue) or planting in Oklahoma and Texas (brown).
Recommended Cultivars for Trial Plantings
Recommended Cultivars for Oklahoma and Texas

Charles Rohla, Ph.D., serves as the manager of pecan systems. He oversees pecan research, consultation and operations. He joined Noble in 2006. He is actively involved with several state and national pecan and agriculture organizations. He has a bachelor’s degree in animal science, a master’s degree in agricultural education and a Ph.D. in crop science from Oklahoma State University. He owns a farm where he produces hay, pecans, show horses, cattle and pigs. He can be found on LinkedIn.