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Pecan Growers Toolbox

The Following Tools Can Help You Manage Pests in Your Pecan Orchard:

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Insect and Disease identification is an essential component of any pecan enterprise.

First, you’ll need to identify the insect or diseases in your orchard or grove. Then you can build a proper integrated pest management program that fits the context of your operation. This program should focus on monitoring and scouting of beneficials and pest. A well-balanced program should focus on long-term control of pests or their damage. The resources below can help in identification of insects and disease.

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Insect and Disease management can be a complex multi-layered component of any pecan enterprise.

Many decisions can affect the need to apply chemical sprays in an orchard. However, when needed chemical sprays of conventional or organic products are a tool that can be used. The decision to use a chemical spray must be made as part of an integrated pest management. Knowing when, how, and what solutions to use can be complicated. It is best to tailor your solution to fit the context of your operation.

Additional tools that can help you manage your regenerative pecan enterprise