Supporting those affected by recent wildfires 

How to send help to families and communities impacted by devastating wildfires in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska, and where to receive help.

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Our hearts are with the ranching families and agricultural communities affected by the devastating Smokehouse Creek Fire and other wildfires in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. We understand how deeply farmers and ranchers care for their land and animals. The loss of grasslands, livestock and infrastructure are felt not just as an economic hardship but as a loss of heritage, purpose and way of life. Agricultural communities are resilient with a spirit of supporting one another through difficulties.  

Noble Research Institute stands ready to offer knowledge and information to assist those rebuilding their operations after this tragedy. When we link arms and lend a hand to our neighbors, there is no challenge our agricultural community cannot overcome. 

Follow the links for resources and information on how you can help those impacted or receive assistance: 

Photo Credit: Sam Craft/Texas A&M AgriLife Marketing and Communications

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