Noble Research Institute Introduces New Business Management Program for US Ranchers and Farmers

Noble Business Essentials will launch late 2024 with course locations in five states.

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ARDMORE, Okla. (Apr. 1, 2024)Noble Research Institute, the nation’s largest nonprofit agricultural research organization, announced the upcoming launch of Noble Business Essentials. The program is designed with easy-to-implement strategies tailored specifically for farmers and ranchers to learn essential business management skills, insights and practices.

Noble Business Essentials, developed in collaboration with Ranch Management Consultants, incorporates content from the successful Ranching for Profit curriculum to provide easy-to-understand financial strategies for ranchers and farmers to better evaluate their current financial situation, calculate their unique income potential and plan for positive net farm income.

Upon completion of the course, attendees gain the knowledge needed to identify their optimal combination of land, labor and capital to maximize revenue potential and ensure the sustainability of their ranching operation.

“Ranching is a life many of us love, but for that life to persist, first it must be a business,” said Dallas Mount, owner of Ranch Management Consultants. “When ranchers apply business principles to the operation, it can transform their lives and the futures of their families for the better.”

Noble Business Essentials marks the third addition to Noble’s regenerative education series, which launched in 2023 with Noble Land Essentials and Noble Grazing Essentials.

“Noble Research Institute’s mission is to guide farmers and ranchers in applying regenerative principles that yield healthier soil, more productive grazing land, and business success,” said Hugh Aljoe, director of ranches, outreach and partnerships at Noble Research Institute. “We believe that Noble Business Essentials can be the first step for many producers in achieving such success.”

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Noble Research Institute is the nation’s largest independent agriculture research organization and public charity, supporting ranchers and farmers with research, education and mentorship for regenerating soil health to improve their land, livestock and livelihood. Since 1945, Noble Research Institute has been a leading, trusted resource in agricultural research and education dedicated to land stewardship. Demonstrating our ongoing commitment to regenerating our nation’s grazing lands, Noble actively manages 13,500 acres of working ranchlands to provide real-world insights and applications for farmers and ranchers.

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