Cooper Hurst has benefited from implementing regenerative practices on his cattle ranch in Woodville, Mississippi. "We really feel like we have become a lot more resilient. We can’t make it rain, but we can make sure rain stays on our farm."


To guide farmers and ranchers in applying regenerative principles that yield healthier soil, more productive grazing land, and business success.

Established in 1945, its founder, Lloyd Noble, stated that the organization’s purpose is to increase the number of men and women who really know and understand the land, its needs, its strengths and its weaknesses—those that know that the land “is alive and can bring forth living things, but only so long as it is nurtured and its essential elements replenished.”

What is our goal?

By 2040, in collaboration with others, Noble will guide farmers and ranchers across the U.S. to demonstrate measurable regeneration, meeting their financial goals. The key metrics include:  

  • Customers: 86,000 farmers and ranchers
  • Acreage: 164 million acres
  • Customers: 75 percent of farmers and ranchers meeting their financial goals