1. About

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To deliver solutions to great agricultural challenges

Vision: To be the preeminent agricultural research institute, a trusted source of transformational knowledge and products, education and technology to advance agriculture and land stewardship


  • Begin with humility: Put others first. Shift your focus to those around you, and help them find success.
  • Build together: Success is a result of collaboration not standing alone. Look for new ways to unify efforts. Listen. Mentor. Seek to help those around you improve, and always recognize their accomplishments.
  • Never fear challenges: Be bold. Think beyond the status quo. Do not let the threat of failure or the perceived size of the challenge deter us from our goal. Seek to discover, dare to attempt something new, and look toward tomorrow with optimism.
  • Lead with passion: Advance the mission daily through your unquenchable desire for excellence. Serve as an example for others.
  • Put words into action: Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is not enough. Work to move ideas into solutions. Invent. Solve. Take action, and deliver even more than is expected.
  • Be responsible for tomorrow: Keep your commitments. Work harder than the day before. Create and maintain a safe work environment. Know that today's decisions affect tomorrow's outcomes.
  • Be noble: Be honest. Communicate. Appreciate others' contribution. Strive for excellence in every task. Take the opportunity to be exceptional. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Better mankind.