Lloyd Noble, founder of the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, which was renamed the Noble Research Institute in 2017.



Noble Research Institute, LLC is an Oklahoma, nonprofit single-member limited liability company. The sole member/manager of the Noble Research Institute is The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation provides the leadership for the Noble Research Institute to carry out its charitable purposes, act as a good steward of its resources, and conduct and support its activities in accordance with the vision of founder Lloyd Noble. The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation further directs management to formalize and implement the Noble Research Institute’s strategic plan.  

Leadership Team

The management of Noble Research Institute comprises:

Steve Rhines
President and Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth Aldridge
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Christina Adcox
Director of Advancement & Strategic Partnerships

Hugh Aljoe
Director of Producer Relations

Lori Cain
Director of Strategic Learning and Outreach

Charles Canny
Director of Facilities

Gayle Donica
Director of Human Resources

Linda Fisk
Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Moen
General Counsel and Director of Government Affairs

Todd Newman
Director of Strategy and Planning

A. Jill Wallace
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer