Lloyd Noble established The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in 1945 to help revitalize agriculture. Today, we are the largest independent agricultural research institution in the U.S.

We are scientists, consultants, collaborators, plant breeders, greenhouse assistants, agricultural economists, livestock and forage specialists, soils and crops experts, wildlife biologists, farm workers, postdoctoral fellows, agronomists, biochemists, virologists, mycologists, genomicists, grant givers, teachers, life-long learners.

We are made up of more than 320 people from 20-plus countries who work at our headquarters in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and on research farms in the surrounding area, to carry out the vision of Lloyd Noble.

We hold a deep appreciation for agriculture just like our founder did, and we use our various backgrounds and areas of expertise to find solutions to problems faced by farmers and ranchers.

We do this through:


We assist farmers and ranchers through our producer relations program, which provides no-cost consultation and educational programs. We also answer producer questions through the Ag Helpline and provide timely advice and information through our monthly newsletter Ag News and Views. Our primary areas of expertise are beef cattle, forage and small grain, pecan, and garden and hoop house production; wildlife and fisheries management; and soil testing.


We focus on research that will help farmers and ranchers improve land stewardship and productivity regionally, nationally and internationally. We look at all spectrums of agricultural research from: the basic molecular and genetic level of how plants grow and interact with the microbial world around them, to how to develop stronger plants more tolerant to drought and resistant against diseases and pests, to how cattle perform in various grazing systems and how new technologies could benefit land management.


We give back through direct grants to healthcare, education and charitable organizations that strengthen communities. We offer the Sam Noble Scholarship program for southern Oklahoma students pursuing higher education in agriculture and applied technology. We also enjoy jumping into action by volunteering our time, talents and resources at various community activities through our Employee Team.


We believe it is important to encourage the next generation of problem-solvers and inspire them to learn more about science and agriculture. In addition to our agricultural education events for adults, we support teachers and students through Noble Academy.


One key way we educate is through events. We host various agricultural education seminars and workshops related to topics including cattle, forage, honey and pecan production; economics and taxes; prescribed burn; and wildlife management. Also, our Profiles and Perspectives Community Enrichment Series brings nationally recognized speakers to Ardmore and is free and open to the public.