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Consistent with these intentions, the Board adopted the following Statement of Principles:

We, the Board of Directors and the employees of Noble Research Institute, acknowledge and agree that the following principles apply to our association with the Noble Research Institute and the activities we conduct on behalf of the Noble Research Institute:

(1) The Noble Research Institute exists because of the vision and generosity of our founder, Lloyd Noble;
(2) We are stewards of the resources and the vision of Lloyd Noble; and
(3) Our conduct will be fair and honest, and our activities will adhere to the purposes for which the Noble Research Institute was established.

Role of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors charts the strategic direction of the institution, focuses the organization to carry out its charitable purposes, serves as stewards of the Noble Research Institute's resources, and conducts and supports activities in accordance with the vision of Lloyd Noble.

The Board is responsible for the appointment and evaluation of the president and chief executive officer. The president and chief executive officer is responsible for the conduct of the day-to-day affairs of the organization. Moreover, this position is charged with implementing and executing operations to support the Board's strategy.

Board committees and audit oversight

The Board includes four permanent committees: Executive, Audit, Compensation and Investment.

The Audit Committee is responsible for assisting the Board in fulfilling its responsibility to oversee the integrity of the organization's financial statements, auditor qualifications and independence, and the performance of its internal controls and processes. The Audit Committee further is charged with addressing allegations or claims concerning institutional compliance with legal, regulatory and internal requirements.

Conflict of interest

The Board's Conflict of Interest Policy outlines a procedure to disclose, identify and address the potential intersection between external interests and the interests of the institution. The Board, in adopting such policy, acknowledges and agrees that each trustee must at all times act with transparency and in the best interest of the Noble Research Institute.

Board evaluation

Each year, the Board completes a board evaluation, and each Board committee completes a committee evaluation. The results of all evaluations are compiled and presented to the full Board for review and discussion.

"Whistleblower" policy

The Board established a system for the confidential, anonymous submission of employee reports concerning any suspected violation of regulations or laws or Institute policy as well as questions or concerns regarding Institute accounting, internal accounting controls, or audit matters. This system further includes processes for the receipt, retention and treatments of any such reports.

Formation documents

990-PF informational return

The Noble Research Institute annually files a 990-PF informational return with the Internal Revenue Service. The Noble Research Institute's current 990-PF may be downloaded here

Historical returns for the Noble Research Institute are available on www.guidestar.org.