Noble team members Andrew Bancroft and Sindy Interrante inspect the soil.


The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, as the member/manager of the Noble Research Institute, and the employees of Noble Research Institute acknowledge and agree that the following principles apply to our association with and the activities we conduct on behalf of the Noble Research Institute:

  1. The Noble Research Institute exists because of the vision and generosity of our founder, Lloyd Noble.
  2. We are stewards of the resources and the vision of Lloyd Noble.
  3. Our conduct will be fair and honest, and our activities will adhere to the purposes for which the Noble Research Institute was established.

Role of the Member/Manager

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation serves as the sole member/manager of the Noble Research Institute, LLC, an Oklahoma, nonprofit single-member limited liability company.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation provides the leadership for the Noble Research Institute to carry out its charitable purposes, act as a good steward of its resources, and conduct and support its activities in accordance with the vision of founder Lloyd Noble. The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation further directs management to formalize and implement the Noble Research Institute’s strategic plan.

Corporate Documents

Annual Internal Revenue Service Informational Return

Noble Research Institute, LLC annually files a 990 informational return with the Internal Revenue Service. The Noble Research Institute’s current 990 may be downloaded here.*

*Noble Research Institute, LLC is the successor-by-conversion of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc., effective May 1, 2017.

Historical returns for the Noble Research Institute are available on