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When prioritizing sustainable practices, we create an environment where local farmers and ranchers can share knowledge, collaborate, and support one another.  But these practices reach far beyond the pasture in the following five categories. 

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– Lloyd Noble, 1949


Provide educational and training curriculum that has been designed with consistent principles and practical application.


Measure, study, and assess ecosystem responses to land management for data-driven decision-making.

Seven operating regenerative managed ranches, totaling 13,500 acres, for measurement, research, and study.

Policy reforms that use market-based solutions for stewardship to advance regeneration of U.S. grazing lands. 

Noble’s rancher education program is based on our land stewardship philosophy which recognizes that all the pillars of an agricultural operation — land, livestock, business and finance, people and management, and community — are intricately tied together and must be addressed collectively for working ranches to be successful and our environment to be transformed.

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Your generosity fuels our mission to empower farmers and ranchers, guiding them towards regenerative practices that revitalize our grazing lands. Each step we take is a testament to the profound impact of your support.

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