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Ag News and Views: December 2008

Adding value to the calf crop

To many producers, adding value means implementing management practices to maximize the price received for their calves on sale day. Some practices simply avoid discounts: dehorning; castration; breeding-in adequate frame and muscling; and managing away from extremes of body condition at sale time.

Did You See Many Bucks This Fall?

Among deer hunters, this is a common question each year. Answers range from subtle facts to outright hyperbole. The commonality is that most deer hunters dream of taking a big buck home or at least seeing several bucks that they can pass and allow to grow larger.

Improve Time Management on Your Cow-Calf Operation

In tough economic times, many people become overwhelmed with things they have little control over such as high prices for feed, fuel and fertilizer. Although those things are important, perhaps it is time to focus your attention on things you can influence, such as operational efficiency and time management.

Is Fertilizer Worth the Cost?

With continued high costs, producers are asking if it is worth applying fertilizer. To borrow a line from our economist friends, "it depends."

Pear Harvest

Autumn always reminds me of a particular childhood experience. It was a cold, crisp evening with a full moon - just enough light to see where you're going without a flashlight. The temperature was typical for nights during the fall and an indication that winter would soon follow.

Shaping the Cross Timbers with Fire and Grazing

Recently, our agricultural research team has been asked to provide talks during tours of our Oswalt Road Ranch. The Noble Research Institute took full control of the property in 2000. The ranch is a valuable piece of property because of its unique natural beauty and potential to support livestock production and wildlife habitat.