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Ag News and Views: June 2004

Do Nitrogen Fertilizer Source and Application Timing Make A Difference?

In 1985, Wadell Altom, Jerry Rogers (both previous soil and crops specialists) and Bret Flatt (senior research assistant) initiated a research project northwest of Ardmore, Okla., on the Pasture Demonstration Farm to evaluate nitrogen fertilizer source and timing of application. This is an analysis of the results.

Never Get Lost Again...

How many times have you been fertilizing and wondered if you were too wide or too close with the pattern the fertilizer rig was throwing? The Noble Research Institute recently purchased a new piece of equipment to alleviate the stress of wondering "Where am I?"

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Pasture maintenance is much the same as vehicle maintenance - if you want your pastures to be productive over an acceptable time frame, you must pay attention to details, just like you should with your vehicle.

Shrink Can be Managed

The following information, from the //-->Noble Research Institute's cattle cycle booklet//-->, provides an easy way to increase profits in the cattle business. It is free additional profit for those...

Take Steps to Solve Bull Management Problems

A bull is kept around for one thing - to sire calves. But for many producers, bulls also cause problems.

Time Nitrogen Applications for Best Results

Under most situations, all the required nutrients, as recommended by a soil test, should be applied and incorporated into the soil prior to planting - the only exception is nitrogen.

Water Sources Can Be Managed to Benefit Mourning Dove

Mourning dove must drink water on a regular basis during mild weather, they don't have to drink every day, but they can't live longer than seven to 11 days without water.