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Handling Large-Scale Plant Research Projects

As a child in Tampico, Mexico, Ivone Torres-Jerez watched with fascination the laboratory scientists at the clinic where her mother took her for her annual wellness checkup. Torres-Jerez thought they...

Growing Medicago Plants for Research 101

Lynne Jacobs shares her know-how on growing and handling Medicago plants after 15 years of experience in the fields and greenhouse at Noble Research Institute.

Noble Research Institute Helps Community Organizations

This year, Noble Research Institute employees volunteered their time and expertise to help three community organizations: Ardmore Soup Kitchen, Food and Resource Center of South Central Oklahoma, and The Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma.

Noble Research Institute Selected as One of the Top Workplaces in Oklahoma

Noble Research Institute has been recognized as one of the 2020 Top Workplaces in Oklahoma among large-sized companies.

End-of-Year Tax Planning for Farmers and Ranchers

Understand the ways the IRS offers taxpayers to manage taxable income, and make prudent tax management decisions by knowing your income and expenses for the year.

Cleaning Up Pecan Orchards Hit by Ice Storms

Develop a plan to facilitate the development of strong growth in pecan trees damaged by ice storms.

Add Income With Pecan Truffles

Pecan truffles are culinary delicacies that may already be growing under your native or improved pecan trees.

Capturing Bird Calls and Other Wildlife Sounds With Bioacoustics

Ecologists capture the sounds of birds, frogs, insects and other species to monitor biodiversity and other important indicators of successful land management.

Hunter Data Can Help Manage Deer Populations

The best deer population management strategies involve hunting more does and less bucks, which means land managers should choose hunters who want to harvest does.

Building Soil Organic Carbon With Plant Roots

Soil organic carbon is an essential piece of regenerating the health of grazing lands and requires a look at roots.

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