2002 Archive

Forage Variety Production Notes

The performance of bermudagrass varieties in two trials conducted at the Foundation is addressed in this production update.

When Opportunity Knocks, What Will You Do?

Producers should consider taking advantage of the opportunity to buy and develop a younger bull instead of paying top dollar for a two-year-old.

Youth Garden Projects 'Growing' in Popularity

Public and private organizations alike are discovering the power of gardening to grow positive and productive people.

Leverage is a Concept and an Opportunity

The use of other people's money, called "leverage," is a tool that agricultural producers can and should use to harvest increased profits.

A Process Verification Study for Spring Grazeout Wheat Pasture Calves: Year One of a Three-Year Study

Interest in calf preconditioning and source and process verification has grown in response to value-based marketing. This study seeks to determine the health and performance effects of the Oklahoma Quality Beef Network preconditioning and process-verification system for stocker cattle.

More On Infrared-triggered Camera Deer Surveys

In this continuation of a series on infrared-triggered camera surveys, Gee examines the computation of herd composition and population estimates.

The 'Nuts' and Bolts of Retained Ownership

Retained ownership is a concept that goes beyond cattle the Noble Research Institute retained ownership of pecans harvested last year and obtained higher prices because of it.

Promotional Programs Present Proven Plants

Texas A&M University and Oklahoma State University both have programs to test and promote plants that are superior performers in the Texas and Oklahoma climates, and the programs' recommendations can help gardeners choose plants that will thrive in their area.

RHD Method Can Help Producers Assess Fall Forage Supplies

The reserve herd day (RHD) calculation method gives an accurate estimate of how much forage is available in a certain pasture and how long it will last.

Use These Strategies to Increase Doe Harvest

Increased doe harvest is a goal shared by many deer managers - use these methods to reach that goal.
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