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Pecan Production 101

Steve Upson Charles Rohla, Ph.D. James Locke Job Springer

By Steve Upson, Senior Soils and Crops Consultant ,
Charles Rohla, Ph.D., Pecan and Specialty Agriculture Systems Manager,
James Locke, Planned Consultation Manager and Senior Soils and Crops Consultant
and Job Springer

Posted Sep. 12, 2013

Pecan is an important crop in the Southern Great Plains. Recent USDA crop statistics report 175,542 acres of pecans in Texas and 141,765 acres in Oklahoma, with the majority of the acreage consisting of native pecans. Spurred on by record prices received by growers in 2010 due to increased global demand for pecans, many new commercial, improved cultivar orchards are being established and neglected orchards are being renovated.

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