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Finding a Guide

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Preparing to turn off the familiar road and onto one unknown can bring many questions: “How do I get started? What happens if …?” But when someone who knows the way walks alongside you on the path, ready to signal the next turn or to offer wisdom for avoiding trouble, the journey becomes less uncertain.

Since 1945, thousands of farmers and ranchers have sought the guidance of Noble Research Institute as they managed grazing animals, primarily beef cattle, and stewarded their pastures and native rangelands. Noble focuses on delivering solutions to meet the needs of producers as they improve the land and long-term profitability of their operations.

The Approach

Building Relationships

Noble comes alongside producers with consultation aimed at helping them achieve their production goals while applying strategies to regenerate the land.

2,116 farmers and ranchers, including 229 new producers, are active in the consultation program.

Yates Adcock

There’s always a more productive, more profitable, more beneficial way to manage our natural resources. Noble Research Institute has been like a friend that we can run questions or ideas by as we’re trying to make the most positive impacts out here.”

Yates Adcock, Middle Creek Ranch, Oklahoma
Hugh Aljoe talks with Jimmy Emmons on his ranch

Practical Research

The questions ranchers ask and the challenges they face serve as the starting point for research, which spans from the laboratory to the ranch. Researchers seek new innovations to help mitigate risk, conserve natural resources, improve grazing animal production and regenerate the land. They:

Develop new forage varieties that efficiently use nutrients from the soil and optimize their use within the plant.

Xuefeng Ma, Ph.D. examining field plots

Breed and release new, better-quality grazing plants that can be grown across the nation.

Clump of soil

Research ways to build soil organic matter via grazing animal management, use of forages and the reduction of costly inputs.

Testing soil

Test technology to measure soil carbon content and other aspects of soil health.

Plant growing through the soil

Design and deliver holistic management practices that further the productive interaction of a ranch’s soil, plants, water, animals and economics.

Vidhya Raman, Ph.D. prepares plants as part of research
Vidhya Raman, Ph.D., Noble Research Institute postdoctoral fellow, prepares plants as part of research to improve crop productivity and disease resilience.

Education for All

Noble consultants, researchers and educators have built a competency-based educational program that conveys practical skills. Empowering producers with science-based information, real-world knowledge and applicable expertise enables them to make confident decisions and mitigate risk in their unique operations.

Noble Ranch Tour group examines soil
274 people saw land stewardship principles in action during 10 tours of Noble’s research ranches.

1,165 people attended 34 educational workshops, field days and seminars.

The top-attended courses were:

  • Developing Replacement Heifers
  • Using Prescribed Fire to Benefit Wildlife and Livestock
  • Pruning Pecan Trees for Improved Production
  • Managing Soil Nutrients for Pastures and Hayfields
  • How Plants and Animals Respond to Grazing
Shane O'daniel

Every farm is like a puzzle. You’ve got to find out what works best for you, so go to seminars and workshops. Noble offers some great ones and helps organize other farm tours. … I like the events that have multiple speakers best. That way you get different perspectives. Most importantly, never stop learning.”

Shane O’Daniel, Weatherford, Oklahoma

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