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It’s Not About a Destination

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Most journeys are more about the lessons learned along the road than the end point. They’re about deciding on a direction and sticking with it even when the path looks rocky. The road to renewal, too, is not about a final destination. It’s about learning from both the successes and the failures met along the way. It’s a continual process of seeking out knowledge and being open to experiencing something new — something that promises reward, even with the risk that must be balanced. And in mitigating that risk, there is joy in finding other pilgrims facing similar challenges.

Aerial view of cattle in pasture

Direction Over Perfection

The journey will look different for everyone. But the producer who embraces regenerative agriculture and sets out on the road with a plan will find lasting benefits for both themselves and their community.

Many farmers and ranchers are already finding success. Modest gains in soil organic matter have yielded more productive soils and reduced the need for fertilizers. This, in turn, reduces nutrient runoff, translates into greater water quantity and quality, and increases carbon sequestration, while improving profitability for the producer.

These bold explorers are the land’s greatest allies. Their efforts represent an investment in the food and water supplies of the future, and Noble will always support these land stewards as they walk the road to renewal.

Meredith Ellis

I look at our ranch as a national park in a way. Just 1 square inch of soil is like a Times Square of fungi and bacteria, and think about the relationship the cows have with the land. They naturally fertilize. They allow for wildlife habitat. They allow for the land to go untilled. And they feed us. I want to do the best I can to raise healthy animals and to spend the rest of my days teaching my son about this place and to be able to hand it off to him someday.”

Meredith Ellis, G Bar C Ranch, Texas

A Journey, Not a Destination

Regenerative agriculture is a journey, not a destination. It’s about moving in the right direction, not perfection. Noble is working to help producers find research-based answers to the questions they face when improving the land.

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