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Noble Research Institute Releases Ranch Safety Guide

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Agriculture is the seventh-most-hazardous industry in the United States, but ranch owners and operators can take steps to make their working facilities and equipment safer for their staff and families. 

Recently Noble Research Institute and the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef created and published a new guide to help improve ranch safety.

Ranch Employee Safety: Working Cattle and Related Facilities and Equipment takes ranchers through four stages of improved safety:

  • Stage One: Identification of the hazards
  • Stage Two: Prevention of worker injuries and illnesses
  • Stage Three: Preparation of ranch employees
  • Stage Four: Monitoring the hazards and risks and the safety policies and procedures implemented

Additionally, the guide provides 30 pages of resources and tools, ready to use on any operation.

Hugh Aljoe, Noble Research Institute’s director of producer relations, said he believe the guide will benefit all producers.

“Everyone wants the safest environment possible for their families and staff — they just may not know how to effectively accomplish that in an effective way that doesn’t overcomplicate the work,” he said. “This guide is simple to use and practical to apply on any cow-calf operation.”

Ranch Employee Safety: Working Cattle and Related Facilities and Equipment is available for download at no cost here.


Rancher on horseback moving cattle through corral.
Ranchers guiding cattle through corrals
Ranchers inspecting cattle

Noble Research Institute is an independent nonprofit agricultural research organization dedicated to guiding farmers and ranchers in applying regenerative principles that yield healthier soil, more productive grazing land, and business success.

At Noble, researchers, facilitators and ranch staff work together to share with farmers and ranchers the skills and tools to regenerate the land in a profitable manner. Noble is focused on the regenerative management of the nation’s grazing acres, which directly impacts pasture and range environments, wildlife, pecan production, and livestock production. Regenerative management recognizes that each decision made on the ranch impacts the interactions of the soil, plants, water, animals, economics and people. Noble’s 14,000 acres of working ranch lands provide a living laboratory on which to demonstrate and practice regenerative principles and ideas to deliver value to farmers and ranchers across the U.S.

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