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New Docuseries Details Impact of Applying Soil Health Principles to Noble Ranches

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ARDMORE, OKLA. — When Noble Research Institute shifted its focus to helping ranchers improve soil health and build a stronger bottom line (defined as “regenerative ranching” by the institute), they started with their own ranches.

For almost two seasons, they have been applying soil health principles to almost 14,000 acres of pasture and grazing lands in southern Oklahoma. The impact has been evident on the land and the profitability. Now, thanks to a new docuseries on YouTube, ranchers across the nation can see the changes taking place on Noble’s seven ranches.

The docuseries — entitled Regenerating the Ranch — shares challenges, lessons learned and the victories along the way as Noble makes management decisions based on the six soil principles, said J. Adam Calaway, director of communications and public relations.

“The docuseries takes ranchers on this journey with us,” Calaway said. “Whether they’re considering implementing soil health principles or adaptive-multi-paddock grazing or they already are, we hope they’ll learn, laugh and join us on this remarkable journey.”

Regenerating the Ranch is a deep dive into the six soil health principles and their application on ranchers that are unique in topography, use and history.

“We are managing for soil health, increased soil carbon and soil water-holding capacity,” said Joe Pokay, Noble’s General Ranch Manager. “To accomplish this end, we are working with nature, using photosynthesis, the natural biology of grasslands and the power of grazing animals.”

The docuseries launched in August with new episodes released every other Tuesday.


Joe Pokay and Chance Tynes riding on horseback
Hands inspecting a clump of soil in pasture
Inspecting a clump of soil with plant roots
Joe Pokay and Frank Rhoades moving cattle
Aerial shot of cattle being moved at the Red River Ranch


Noble Research Institute is the nation’s largest nonprofit agricultural research organization, serving farmers and ranchers with research, education and mentorship for regenerating soil health to improve their land, livestock and livelihood. Since 1945, Noble Research Institute has been a leading, trusted resource in agricultural research and education dedicated to land stewardship. Demonstrating our ongoing commitment to regenerating our nation’s grazing lands, Noble actively manages 13,500 acres of working ranchlands to provide real-world insights and applications for farmers and ranchers.

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