2017 Archive

Protected Agriculture: Irrigation Design Considerations

Josh Brown, from Irrigation-Mart (, shows a variety of drip and spray irrigation products suitable for your hoop house as well as demonstrates a possible configuration for laying out drip lines.

Protected Agriculture: Low Tunnel Demonstration

Jim Shrefler, an area horticulture specialist from Oklahoma State University, demonstrates his methods for low tunnel construction as well as his trial studies using low tunnels to keep out crop-destructive insects such as squash bugs.

Protected Agriculture: Mobile Hoop House Demonstration

Leon Sloan, owner of Leon's Greenhouses in Kingston, Oklahoma, demonstrates moving a clam shell hoop house from one location to another.

Introducing the Alfalfa Breeder's Toolbox

To help advance agricultural research, scientists at the Noble Research Institute have developed the Alfalfa Breeder's Toolbox.

Cover Crop Series: Kodiak Brown Mustard

Jim Johnson, soils and crops consultant, reviews Kodiak Brown Mustard.

Cover Crop Series: Red Ripper Cowpeas

Jim Johnson, soils and crops consultant, reviews Red Ripper Cow Peas.

Cover Crop Series: Super Sugar Sterile

Jim Johnson, soils and crops consultant, reviews Super Super Sterile.

Stories in the Garden

LaNese Mahan, a 2017 MIAP-Noble Fellow, learns more about her newfound friends in Uganda while planting watermelon and listening to old wives’ tales.

Wolfgang Busch: Novel genetic and molecular mechanisms that determine root growth

Wolfgang Busch, Ph.D., associate professor in the plant molecular and cellular biology laboratory at Salk, presented "To grow or not to grow - novel genetic and molecular mechanisms that determine root growth" as part of the Research Seminar Series at 9 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 5.

Math Lesson in the Garden

The first two weeks of my trip were an introductory period to the projects Field of Hope is currently working on. During my stay, I will help with the drip irrigation systems at the school gardens...