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Generational Flow: Replacing Farmers and Ranchers in the Family Farm

How to pass along a farming operation is a primary question farmers and ranchers think about from the time they take over from their family or start a new operation with the hope of growing...

When One Becomes Two

You know you've captured a crowd's attention when their coffee cups freeze mid-air. Bill Buckner, president and CEO of our organization, had just announced to 80-plus Ardmore community members that...

Aquatic plants added to Noble plant image gallery

ARDMORE, Okla. — The Noble Research Institute Plant Image Gallery is designed to assist farmers and ranchers, botanists, ecologists, natural resource managers, educators and hobbyists identify plants...

Noble Research Institute represents the next step in Noble's 71-year legacy to advance agriculture

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation announced that it has separated its research and education operations from its philanthropic activities to advance its mission and better serve agriculture.

Noble Research Institute: Frequently Asked Questions

What operational changes are occurring at Noble Research Institute, LLC? The Noble Board of Trustees has elected to separate the activities of Noble Research Institute. The organization's research,...

Public Announcement of the Noble Research Institute

Bill Buckner, President and CEO, announces the formation of the Noble Research Institute.

Why Transition from Noble Foundation to Noble Research Institute?

Steve Rhines, Director of Legal Services and Public Affairs, details the reasons behind the transformation of Noble Research Institute into the new Noble Research Institute.

Granting and the new Noble Foundation

Noble Research Institute, created in 2017, will assume the philanthropy responsibilities of the historic Noble Research Institute while agricultural and research activities will continue as the Noble Research Institute.

Noble Research Institute: Public Forum Q&A

Bill Buckner, President and CEO, makes closing remarks at the program introducing the Noble Research Institute, then solicits questions about the new organization from event attendees.

Options for Controlling Pests Organically

Planting season is upon us, and it is time for growers to determine which pesticide management program best meets their needs. The trend for organic pest control has been increasing steadily over the...