2015 Archive

Oh, the places you'll go

I had never left northwest Arkansas and my family for the summer before, but I felt comfortable knowing I was coming to the Noble Research Institute, which is known for its family-oriented workplace.

Keep your toes on the line

After an all too eventful expedition to the faraway land of Texas, the team felt that a reprieve from any similar action was necessary.

A Ugandan Introduction

A woman who works at Watoto's Fabrication Center has a brother who is soon to be married and thought it would be fun for me to see a traditional Ugandan wedding celebration.

A close-up look at Setaria viridis

From my first week at the Noble Research Institute, I’ve been growing and taking care of several flats of Setaria viridis, more commonly known as green foxtails.

Food Delivery to the Villages

The past couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to help deliver food from the farm to the villages.

New book helps producers manage aquatic vegetation

Water is a significant resource for any land manager, and its presence increases plant diversity that requires management.

Keep Austin Noble

Great friends. Great food. Two great cities.

Bat Bridge kayaking and Noble Sandwich Co.

The Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas, is a famous home to approximately 1.5 million bats during the summer months, and every night at sunset, crowds gather to watch the nocturnal animals swarm out from their nests beneath the bridge.

Planting mango seeds for Lubbe Farm's future

After my time in the north, I came back to Kampala and quickly got started helping with the different farm activities going on at Watoto.

Four things I’ve learned from mob grazing

One of my projects while interning with the Noble Research Institute was a "mob," or high stock density grazing, simulation.