2015 Archive

New crop insurance option protects producers

The USDA established the Rainfall Index Annual Forage Plan in May 2013. The program offers castrophic risk and/or buy-up coverage to producers who annually plant crops used for livestock feed.

An Escape into the Wild

My parents, husband and I went on a safari at Murchison Falls National Park.

My Parents in Africa

My mom has always said that she and my dad are "travelers, not tourists." I always chuckled at that comment because they had just returned from their eighth cruise or toured around England.

The Case of the Kids

Here at the goat farm, there are about 120 goats. The majority of those are milking and producing goats, as it should be.

Feral hogs present disease risk for livestock and people

Feral hogs can carry numerous diseases of importance to commercial livestock producers and human health. As the nation's feral hog population increases, so does the rate of exposure to infected hogs and potential for disease transmission.

Management strategies ease calving season

As we strive to improve the beef operation over time, it's never too early to be thinking about the next calving season.

Basic knowledge and practices assist new cattle producers

There are some basic concepts to grasp immediately for new cattle producers starting an operation.

Niche marketing expands cow-calf producer opportunities

Cattle prices were once again favorable for most cow-calf enterprises throughout 2014. Yet, it was about this time last year that analysts were warning that our bubble was about to burst and prices would soon "level off" and possibly start to decline.

A Change in Direction

Local connections and marketplace encourage Watoto's vegetable farm toward a new direction.

Water for Life

Working with Australian agriculturalists to expand the irrigation system on Watoto's vegetable farm.