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Home is a Full Circle

Half a year ago, I received the call. I was heading to Oklahoma, a place that I only knew through the stories of my grandmother. She grew up in the oil fields of the Southern Plains. Her dad moved the family from town to town, oil rig to oil rig, during the same time that Lloyd Noble was building his reputation as one of the best drilling contractors in the area.

Integrity Beef preconditioning creates financial advantage

The Integrity Beef Alliance is a Noble Research Institute-sponsored, cow/calf program that standardizes management decisions and supports value-added production practices. Producers in this program are already committed to retaining ownership of calves through a 45-day preconditioning program.

Proper liming, fertilizing increases winter pasture profit

Lime and fertilizer make up a substantial portion of the costs of producing winter pasture. Lime may or may not be needed - only a soil test can tell you for sure. If lime is recommended, its application can pay good dividends.

Does selecting related cattle increase calf uniformity?

Increasing uniformity of the calf crop is important to cow-calf producers because more uniform lots may receive higher sale prices at market.

Resource management aids mourning dove migration

While sitting and waiting for mourning doves to fly by during hunting season, I find myself thinking about the journey these birds have embarked on and from where they have come.

USDA grant focuses on beef cattle production

The Noble Research Institute recently partnered with several universities and the United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service to undertake a major beef cattle research project.

Staying Hungry, Staying Foolish

Oklahoma changed my life by showing me agriculture on the other side of the country, and Noble gave me a compass to help point me in the right direction. Now it's dependent on how I utilize these resources that will determine my future.

The Butterfly Effect

As I began the summer here in Ardmore, I didn't comprehend the experience I was about to have. I was able to work alongside some of the most influential ranchers north of the Red River and had the opportunity to understand the ranching way of life.

Agricultural lease education benefits owner, tenant

Leasing can be advantageous, depending on one's operational goals, resources and negotiating ability. Benefits to an owner include property care and income without owner participation. Tenant benefits include an opportunity for expansion or management on a trial basis without capital investment.

Full ponds enable fish restocking

With full ponds again, many pond managers are wondering whether the fish in the ponds survived or if they will need to be restocked. Restocking fish can be expensive and time consuming, so make sure fish are needed before any are stocked.