2012 Archive

Low-input Heifer Development

The traditional recommendation for developing replacement heifers is to feed them to achieve 65 percent of their mature weight by the beginning of the breeding season.

Spring Harvest Management for Rio Grande Turkey

The drought and excessive heat has had a significant impact on Rio Grande turkey recruitment. Many landowners who saw fewer turkeys during the fall and winter are convinced that the impact was negative.

Is Fertilizing Native Grass Profitable?

A high percentage of the grazing land in our area is native grass. Most ranchers do not fertilize native grass because it is widely thought that it is unprofitable to do so. In fact, one of the appealing characteristics of native grass systems is that they do relatively well with minimal inputs.

State of the 2012 Cattle Industry

The cattle industry is experiencing both production and market conditions that are unique and uncommon for the industry. Extreme heat and drought conditions caused double digit percentage declines in beef cattle numbers in Texas and Oklahoma.

Forage Management Strategies for 2012

Updated February 2018 Droughts can have negative impacts on our pastures that could last for years to come. In addition, the more your pastures are stressed and overgrazed, the longer it will take...

Effect of Fertilizer on Yield of Native Grass

Fertilization of native grass fields is generally not recommended in the Southern Great Plains region of the United States. The primary reason for not fertilizing native grass is the belief that the...

Wanting more "green" early in spring?

The winter pasture that was planned for last fall may not have developed to expectations or was not planted due to poor moisture conditions going into the fall. What can be planted now to bring about earlier spring pasture?

Estimating Deer Weight From Field-dressed Weight

Most deer hunters field dress their game prior to bringing it in from the field. This process usually involves removing the entrails, reproductive tract, heart, lungs, diaphragm and part of the esophagus. As a result, the only weight many hunters obtain for their deer is a field-dressed weight, leaving the whole weight of their quarry unknown.

The Economic Potential of Grazing-tolerant Alfalfa

Alfalfa is a high quality, perennial legume forage that has potential to be a part of summer stocker grazing programs. However, most of the alfalfa that is produced is primarily harvested and marketed as high quality hay for dairy and equine enterprises.

Control Thistles During Winter

When thistles bolt and begin to flower each spring, folks who want to control them call the Noble Research Institute. By the time they call, however, it is usually too late in the season. Once thistles become reproductive, they are much harder to control and may have already produced viable seed.