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Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson knows life is a lot like golf. It's all about timing, not taking yourself too seriously and being willing to spend a little time in the rough.

A New Solution

Noble Research Institute researcher pioneers new method for building disease resistance in crops

Defining a Future

Morning crests over open range, and golden light reveals a herd of cattle in the distance making their way down a rocky bowl. Behind the long, dusty line are the silhouettes of four cowboys on horseback. Their work-gloved hands wave straw cowboy hats, driving the herd.

Envisioning Tomorrow

Two questions immediately surfaced last fall after the Noble Research Institute Board of Trustees announced the selection of Bill Buckner as its new president.

Mourning Dove Abundance Can Be Managed

Mourning dove is the most abundant dove species, the most abundant game bird and one of the most abundant songbirds in southern Oklahoma and north Texas. Many people enjoy watching, feeding, photographing and hunting mourning dove. Yet, it is surprising how few landowners and land managers manage for dove.

Auction Barn Premiums and Discounts in Oklahoma

As input prices continue to rise for cow-calf producers, it is increasingly important to maximize revenue when marketing calves.

Drought Stress on Pecan Trees

Drought conditions cause extreme stress on pecan trees. It is important for producers to understand the effects of drought and how pecan trees cope with the stress it brings.

Using Winter Pasture as a Hay Replacement

As commodity prices increase and the amount of hay available decreases, many are concerned about feeding their cattle until spring. Winter pasture, while expensive and traditionally thought of for use with stocker cattle, may fit in your cow management system.

Drought Challenges Bring Opportunities

Update February 2018 During drought conditions, there are many challenges for cattle producers. Grain and feed prices may skyrocket, hay could be in short supply, pasture conditions could very well...

Funnel Trap Fish Survey

Funnel trapping provides useful information about fish species present in a pond and likely provides the best option for pond managers to evaluate the presence and abundance of small catfish such as bullheads.