2012 Archive

Setting the Stage

A former postdoc shares memories and experiences about his transformative time at the Noble Research Institute.

Second Chances

TEEM works with more than 100 partners to eradicate poverty, homelessness and unemployment in Oklahoma. Their task is not an easy one.

The Road Less Traveled

Set for retirement, Richard Dixon reflects on his unexpected journey from England to the Noble Research Institute.

Inspiring the Future

With fewer than 2 percent of the labor force working in agriculture, Americans' knowledge of how food is produced has dropped to an alarmingly low level. The Noble Research Institute plans to change that with Noble Academy, the organization's new educational outreach program for young students.

Will Moseley

Meet the man behind the beard: Will Moseley. He's a little bit Bohemian and a little bit Daniel Boone with a big passion for agriculture.

Connecting With You

How many of you have a Facebook page? Go ahead, raise your hand. Good for you. You've joined a highly select group of about 1 billion active users worldwide (about 15 percent of the planet's population) who are sharing their lives online with friends and family

The Doorway to the Future

There's a picture of a door that you've likely never seen. Even if you had stumbled across it, the faded black-and-white print probably didn't leave much of an impression.


As agricultural producers grapple with the costly damage of feral hogs, two Noble Research Institute researchers provide a revolutionary solution Clay Forst of Caddo, Okla., shows damage to his food...

The Pecan

Since purchasing the Red River Farm (Love County, Okla.) in 1973, the Noble Research Institute has been engaged in pecan research and now manages more than 450 acres of pecan trees. How much do you know about this popular Southern delicacy?

Long-term strategies help minimize taxes

As Ben Franklin once noted, the only two things one can count on with certainty are death and taxes. Most Americans go to extra lengths in order to delay them both as long as possible.
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