2011 Archive

Pond Renovation During Drought

Landowners are often tempted to take advantage of droughts by deepening or enlarging existing ponds when water levels drop low enough or when ponds dry up completely. This can be an opportunity to increase water supply for fisheries and livestock, but certain factors should be considered before spending money and time deepening or enlarging a pond.

Guidelines for Culling Cows

For most cattle producers, culling cows is not an easy task. However, some culling needs to be done each year to maintain optimal productivity.

Weed Wiper Technology and Usage

While weed wipers have been all but forgotten among row crop farmers, many pasture and range producers in the United States have never heard about them. There is great potential for using wick...

What Tools Are in Your Toolbox?

Smart phones are excellent examples of tools we can use to make our agricultural operations more efficient and productive. These tools, whether in one package or as separate units, allow the exchange of voice, text and picture information.

The Importance of Resting Your Pastures

Rest is probably the most effective tool we can use to produce and maintain healthy pastures.

An Intensive, Forage-based Stocker Cattle Demonstration

Stocker cattle grazing is a major enterprise in the Noble Research Institute's service area. However, the term "stocker" may be an over-generalization.

Optimizing Weaned Calf Value

Cow-calf producers with calves to market in the fall should use the summer months to develop a plan. Specifically, are the calves going to be sold at weaning or are they going to be kept until a later date to make additional income?

Alfalfa: Not Just Another Pretty Hay

Alfalfa's value as a hay or feed supplement is well recognized, but its usefulness as a grazing forage is often overlooked.

Using Drop-nets to Capture Feral Hogs

In many areas, feral hog populations are present in epidemic proportions, and the need for control is imminent. Numerous trap designs have been used to capture them; however, drop-nets have never been examined as a potential tool for feral hog control.

What Is a Property's Potential?

Knowing as much as possible about the land before you purchase it can prevent you from making serious mistakes before you even get started.