2011 Archive

The Beef Industry in 2012 and Beyond

The future of the beef industry is filled with both opportunities and challenges due to the 2011 drought in the Southern Plains, high price of grains, volatility in the commodity markets and fewer dollars available for research and education.

Dewormer Efficacy in Oklahoma Stocker Calves

Internal parasites cost U.S. cattle operations an estimated $200 million annually. While several chemicals and formulations are approved to control worms in cattle, there have been recent reports of declining efficacy of some dewormers.

You May Not Need to Use Nitrogen on Wheat in 2011

As we approach the end of 2011, many soil sample results have considerably higher than average amounts of nitrates, especially in wheat and winter pasture fields.

Sorghum and Sudan Forage Variety Trials

In an effort to assist producers with summer annual forage selection, the Agricultural Division has conducted forage yield trials to determine hay yields of commercially available varieties of forage...

How to Attract Wildlife to Your Property

With cities and towns spreading into rural areas and more people moving to the country, people and wildlife interactions are becoming more common. Attracting wildlife to ones property can be...

How to Survey the Fish in Your Pond

Many pond owners think surveying fish populations in a pond is something only a professional fisheries biologist can do. Determining the fish species present, their size distribution and relative...

Grape Expectations

Noble Research Institute scientists join Mount Sinai in researching cure for Alzheimer's disease.

A Legacy Extended

Noble Agricultural consultants join special mission to educate farmers in war-torn Iraq.

No Rain on the Plains

The Noble Research Institute offers assistance, continues research for drought-stricken Southern Great Plains.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

With his retirement date set, President Mike Cawley discusses the people and events that shaped his life.