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Research Strategy in the Agricultural Division

The Agricultural Division maintains two primary efforts: consultation and research. The research mission is to assist agricultural producers in attaining their goals through effective research. The...

Pond Water Quality Survey

The amount of water animals consume is affected by many physiological and environmental factors, one of which is the quality of available water.

Integrity Beef: A Model for Cow-calf Producers

Integrity Beef is a terminal beef cattle program. It assists producers in the production and marketing of ranch-raised stocker/feeder cattle that are preconditioned and have superior growth potential.

Brush Control Options in Fence Lines

If you have fencing on your property, you will need to keep branches, trees and weeds from growing up on fence lines.

Coontail: The Positives and Negatives of an Aquatic Plant

Aquatic vegetation is the proper name for the moss seen in ponds and other bodies of water. Unfortunately, many people do not view aquatic vegetation in a favorable light.

Grasshoppers: Will This Be a Big Year?

Grasshoppers are considered an intermittent problem in Oklahoma and North Texas pastures. However, when they are present in large numbers, the damage can be severe.

Fences Should be More than a Mental Barrier

Everyone has heard the expression "good fences make good neighbors." This has never been truer than in today's world.

Monitoring Bass and Bluegill Populations in Ponds

Monitoring largemouth bass and bluegill populations over time can help pond managers accomplish their goals. A good way to monitor these trends is to conduct hook and line or electrofishing surveys.

Nutrient Requirements for Switchgrass Production

Due to its high yield potential and adaptability to marginal lands, switchgrass has received considerable press for its potential to contribute to the growing cellulosic ethanol industry.

Hay Quality Impacted by Five Factors

Of all the feedstuffs livestock consume, hay is probably one of the most variable in terms of quality. What are the factors affecting the quality of hay?