2009 Archive

Summer Annual Variety Trials

In the summer of 2008, the Noble Research Institute conducted replicated small plot (5'x 20') variety trials of forage sorghums, sorghum sudans, sudan grasses and pearl millets.

Commingling and Marketing Value-Added Cattle

It is well understood that marketing a uniform group of steers or heifers that have a well-characterized health management history has the potential to increase the animals' value and producer profitability.

Calving Seasons

On some ranches, hay feeding is caused by the calving season, regardless of the stocking rate. This is because cows in late gestation and early lactation have nutrient requirements that often dramatically exceed the nutrient content of available forage.

Avoid Nitrate Poisoning in Cattle During Drought

Plant roots absorb nitrogen from the soil, much of it in the form of nitrate, and convert it into proteins in the leaves for plant growth.

Managing Fuel Prices

Three major inputs have a direct impact on the bottom line of an agricultural operation: feed, fertilizer and fuel. All three of these inputs experienced a decrease in price in late 2008 and early 2009, but the drastic decrease in the price of fuel will be the focus of this article.

Residual Feed Intake and Profitability

Most cattlemen have felt the impact of rising input costs over recent years. Although prices moderated or fell at the end of 2008, perhaps one of the most noticeable increases last year was feed prices.

Who is Dating Your Cows?

As we head towards spring, we are thinking about bulls. Purchasing a bull for your herd is just like hiring a new employee. Ever wondered about the bull you've hired?

Controlling Eastern Red-cedar, a Common Noxious Weed

Eastern Red-cedar trees have become more abundant in many fence rows and pastures. This now very common tree was once limited to rocky bluffs, deep canyons and other areas where fire did not historically occur.

Bareroot Planting Basics

When planting pecan orchards, producers have two options for orchard establishment: container trees or bareroot trees. A common trend is the use of bareroot trees when developing orchards.

Want to Learn How to Safely Burn?

Prescribed burning is one of the most valuable and cost effective tools available to manage our rangelands. Fire was an integral part of the ecosystem in southern Oklahoma and northern Texas throughout history, and our plant communities are adapted to fire.