2008 Archive

Basic Wildlife Habitat Management Makes "Cents"

Food plots and feeders are intensive management practices and, while widely used, they are not real habitat improvement practices in most cases. Usually, they only work as supplemental feeding to concentrate wildlife populations for improved harvest success or observation.

Creep Feeding Before Weaning

Historically, feeder calf prices decline as weight increases. That relationship of price to weight still exists, but it has narrowed considerably due to the high price of corn and feedlot cost of gain. Feedlots and the market are telling us to make calves heavier at home before selling them as feeder calves.

Turf Management for Professional Results

I'm confident that any yard can look as good as a golf course if careful consideration is given to a few key turf management factors. With fall approaching, the following tips can help finish this growing season strongly and prepare you for next year.

Determining Pecan Tree Values

How much is a pecan tree worth? This question comes up often in Oklahoma and Texas, and can arise for several reasons. To help fill this information gap, several agricultural consultants at the Noble Research Institute created a pecan valuation fact sheet entitled "Assessing the Value of Pecan Trees."

Is Winter Small Grain Production for You?

With winter small grain (wheat, rye, triticale) prices near or above all-time highs, producers need to consider adding these crops to their enterprise. Before they try to enter this market, they must be sure they can produce the crop and get it to a profitable market.

Don't Overlook Johnsongrass in Your Pasture

Livestock producers in the southern Great Plains should not overlook johnsongrass in their pastures. For one thing, under certain conditions it can kill your cattle. Another reason not to overlook johnsongrass is that it is excellent forage - if you can get over the fact that it can kill your cattle!

Preparing for the Future on Noble Research Farms

One of the strengths of the Noble Research Institute's research programs is having access to the seven different research farms that make up over 12,000 acres. These farms represent very different resource bases that are used for many research projects and agricultural enterprises.

2008 Farm Bill Details

After much time and deliberation, H.R. 2419, the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 became law on May 22, 2008. A congressional news release urged the government to "ensure that the entire farm bill is enacted into law swiftly" after clerical errors occurred involving the trade title. The 5-year bill totaling approximately $300 billion is set to expire in 2012.

Cattle Management Practices for Difficult Times

I can't remember a time when the grass has been as green, the cows have been as fat, ponds have been as full, and producers have been as worried about their future and the future of agriculture as a whole. The really frustrating part about the predicament we find in mid-2008 is that so many of the contributing factors are beyond our control. Seemingly, the only silver lining is that calf prices have stabilized and are staying relatively strong.

Antlers Get Better With Age

Most land managers interested in white-tailed deer management are ultimately interested in producing deer with large antlers. Previous work, including that at Texas Parks and Wildlife's Kerr Wildlife Management Area in Kerrville, determined that antler quality is influenced by a combination of factors, the main components being age, nutrition and genetics.