2007 Archive

Permanent Raised Bed Gardening

The Noble Research Institute Horticulture Center was created to assist the market gardener and the serious home gardener in producing high quality vegetables, fruit and flowers on marginal soils. To...

Consultation is the Agricultural Division's Primary Focus

Our consulting program appears to be a well-kept secret. As some of our staff visited with attendees during recent educational events, we became aware that many land managers near Ardmore, as well as those a few counties away, knew very little about the consulting service available from the Agricultural Division.

Drought in 2006 Leaves Challenges for 2007 Calving

Low body condition scores (BCS) brought on by the 2006 drought have left an ongoing challenge for cattle production. Low BCS may bring conception difficulties for spring-calving herds.

Proper Stocking is a Key to Quality Fishing

A quality fishery begins with proper pond construction, proper water quality and proper initial stocking. Pond size and goals are the most critical factors when determining the number of fish to stock and the type of fishery.

Corn Prices May Provide a "Shock" to 2007 Cattle Markets

Some cattle producers may face difficulties in this year's market - receiving lower prices for calves while paying more for supplemental feed.

Creep Grazing Techniques Can Benefit Cattle Operations

Creep grazing calves is a management practice allowing calves to graze designated areas - separately from the cows - where the forage quality is higher than the grazing pasture.

Even With High Nitrogen Prices, Proper Fertilization Pays

Fertilizer prices are high, but proper fertilization of forages can still provide less expensive feed than the alternatives.

'Normal' Hard to Define When it Comes to Rain

We lived through a significant drought in 2006. Some much-needed winter precipitation has lessened our fears, but some forecasts still call for drier than "normal" weather starting in May. Normal? Who knows what "normal" is?

National Animal Identification System Will Be Voluntary

If you are a beef producer or have ties to the beef industry, I bet you can remember where you were when bovine spongiform encephalopathy officially was discovered in the United States. The exact date was Dec. 23, 2003.

Understand Prescribed Burn Liability in Your State

Why don't more people use prescribed burning in Oklahoma and Texas? One reason that comes to mind is the fact that most of the Noble Research Institute's service area was under a burn ban this time last year, which happens to be the peak time for conducting prescribed burns.