2006 Archive

What is the Real Value of Hay?

With the increase in fertility costs, I thought it timely to revisit the subject of hay and see what the value of a 1,200-pound round bale might actually be.

Tax and Program Assistance for Drought and Wildfire Victims

When an unexpected wildfire blazes through a property, it generally leaves behind the charred ashes of grass, trees, fences and possibly buildings. Landowners will immediately think of the loss in value the wildfire has created, but, in the eyes of the IRS, is there a deductible loss?

Agri-tourism: Alternative Income Opportunities for Farm and Ranch Families

Agri-tourism offers tremendous profit potential for Oklahoma farm and ranch families by providing an opportunity for "old aggies" to reconnect with their past and city dwellers to experience, maybe for the first time, life in the country.

Developing Heifers Properly is Key to a Productive Cow Herd

Due to current high cattle prices, many producers have intentions of retaining and developing heifers from their spring calf crop. Before undertaking this endeavor, consult an economist, or pencil it out yourself to determine the economic feasibility of raising your own replacement heifers.

Improve Your Bottom Line with Integrated Crop Management

Integrated Crop Management (ICM) is an approach to farming or ranching that aims to balance production factors with economic and environmental considerations.

So You Want to Rotationally Graze...

With the spring season approaching, pasture management issues are foremost in producers' minds. Fertility, herbicide treatments, pasture establishment and, for some, setting up a rotational grazing system are such issues.

Did You Know? New Features on the Ag Division's Web Site

It hardly seems possible, but here we are, well into 2006. So, what's new? One thing you may not be aware of is NF Ag News and Views now is available electronically instead of in the printed format....

Fires - Not All Are Created Equal

During recent months, wildfires have burned thousands of acres in Oklahoma and north Texas. Media coverage has been extensive, and all accounts I have seen report on the devastation and destruction...

Considerations to Reduce Further Effects of Drought on Your Operation

Fires in Oklahoma and Texas and record-low rainfall have caused many people who earn a living on the land to make decisions they have not faced in many years. Here are some items for producers to think about as they formulate drought-management plans

Answer Key Questions Before Choosing a Water Pump System

Every water pumping option has good and bad attributes. It will depend on your goals and requirements as to which system is the best. Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing a system.