2006 Archive

Is It Time to 'Ramp Up' Your Cattle Management?

These recommendations help commercial cow-calf producers make better decisions internally and produce a more consistent, desirable product.

Fertilizer Economics 101: Can You Afford to Fertilize?

As the current cattle cycle enters its second year, the outlook for cattle prices is in direct contrast to the outlook for energy costs. The higher costs/lower revenue squeeze will emphasize the need for efficient use of all inputs - especially fuel and fertilizer.

Technology is Working For Wildlife

Have you ever wondered how wildlife biologists know some of the information they do? These questions and many more have been addressed using radiotelemetry, a powerful tool wildlife biologists began using in the 1970s.

To Combat Effects of Drought on Bermudagrass, Fertility and Weed Control are Key

Weed control is going to be critical this spring following the drought. Bermudagrass has suffered greatly since last fall, and, with its lack of vigor, weeds will be competitive this spring.

There's Power in Information - Use it to Your Advantage

There is a difference between keeping information and using information. I have witnessed very few producers actually using the information they have kept to make management decisions.

What if You Don't Use the Internet?

Because the Internet offers good opportunities to deliver information quickly and at a very low cost, many organizations, including the Noble Research Institute, continue to expand their use of this very valuable tool.

Spring is Prime Time for Plant ID

Spring is when many land managers are interested in identifying plants for various purposes, including grazing and wildlife habitat management.

How Do You Compare With Your Competitors?

No, I'm not talking about the chicken or the pork guys. It's the other cow-calf producers in your area, in the states of Oklahoma or Texas, the United States and even in foreign countries.

For a Green Winter Lawn (and Maybe Some Peace of Mind), Plant Cool-Season Grass

This article will give you a method for doing something to give you a little peace of mind - plus a green lawn - during the winter when everyone has a dormant warm-season lawn.

Top 7 Reasons Pasture Weed Control Programs Don't Work

This month, I want to identify and briefly discuss the top seven reasons I see that pasture weed control programs don't work as well as they should.