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What Kind of Forages Do You Really Need?

Almost every year, a new "wonder grass" is vigorously marketed to beef cattle producers. Most often, these highly touted forages will do what they are advertised to do, but do you really need them?

Agricultural Economic Activity in Noble's Service Area Driven By Forage-Based Beef Production

A static (single year) view of economic production activities generated on farms and ranches by various agricultural industries in the Noble Research Institute's 47-county service region.

Why Test for Cattle Persistently Infected With Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus?

By now, most cattle producers have at least heard the "buzz words" PI and BVDV. If you've picked up just about any trade publication, been to an industry meeting or talked to a Noble Research Institute livestock specialist, you've probably seen or heard the terms before - persistently infected (PI) bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV). Yet, there are still some who have not received, or don't fully comprehend, the message.

'Behind the Scenes' Research Team Supports Consulting

Most folks don't realize the Ag Division has a support group that complements the consulting staff. This group - the research team - is comprised of several men and women who have been divided into subgroups to focus on specific areas of research and demonstration.

What Do You Mean, I Can't Develop My Property?

Preserving the environment for future generations is a laudable goal, but is a conservation easement for you? It is hard to answer with a "yes" or a "no."

Soil Fertility: Put It All Together

I've assembled six steps - from start to finish - that I think are essential for any soil fertility program.

Lotus Is it Friend or Foe?

During spring and summer, many people become concerned about plants growing in their ponds. This concern may or may not be justified, because aquatic plants are desirable for many pond management goals.

Eastern Bluebird Nest Boxes

The eastern bluebird is perhaps one of the better known songbirds in Oklahoma. The male has a bright blue back, reddish chest and white belly. The female is somewhat duller in appearance. The...

What Goes Around, Comes Around

The federal government is interested in finding alternative sources of fuel to reduce the United States' dependence on imported oil. The Noble Research Institute today is widely recognized as an institution in a unique position to contribute to switchgrass research and its development into a viable energy crop.

Sericea Lespedeza - The 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' of Plants?

Sericea lespedeza is a native of eastern Asia and can trace its roots in the United States back to 1896, when it was first planted by the North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station.