2004 Archive

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Pounds (of Forage)

The photos in this article depict bermudagrass and annual ryegrass with different heights and densities along with the actual production values (pounds/acre) for these plots these examples should help producers "calibrate their eyes" and/or give them a reference for a known quantity of forage per acre to compare to their specific situations to more accurately determine forage production.

How to Position for Tomorrow and Beyond

Farm and ranch business managers should consider conducting a situational analysis to assess the firm's readiness to face challenges and potential changes.

Prevention Should be Primary Focus with Calf Scours

Calf scours is one of the most frustrating experiences in a cow calf operation.

Fuel Loading, Fuel Moisture Are Important Components of Prescribed Fire

Prescribed burning is a land management tool that should only be used when needed and after considerable planning, taking into account numerous factors including fireguards, equipment, labor, smoke management and fuel characteristics.

Comparison of Vehicle Gas, Repair Costs

Have you ever been driving down the road and thought about what your vehicle is really costing in gas and repairs?

Information Available About Grapes

Grapes have been grown commercially in Oklahoma for years and offer diversity as well as a possibility for profit.

Apply Variety Test Information to Your Farm

Variety tests provide us with valuable information about new genetics as they become available and how they compare to old standards that have been around for years. How does a producer use all this information to make a decision about what to plant?

Get Legumes in the Mix

Now that it's January, the time for seeding legumes is fast approaching, with many species falling into a spring seeding window from March to April.
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