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Plant Identification Is Key in Understanding Land's Health

Managing land resources requires a keen awareness of the ecosystem, as well as practical knowledge of the tools available to manipulate these resources.

So Many Infrared-triggered Cameras to Choose From - Where Do I Start?

In an effort to address many of the questions raised and assist prospective buyers in product research and purchase, we have compiled a listing of various cameras and associated features, costs, and manufacturer and retailer information.

Feel the Burn: 2004 Hoop House Hot Pepper Trial

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, hot peppers make great additions to a healthy diet. They are cholesterol free, low in sodium and calories, rich in vitamins A and C and a good source of folic acid, potassium and vitamin E. In response to this craving for all things hot, market gardeners are expanding their offering of hot pepper varieties.

Invest In the Future of Your Operation

It appears that through the combination of high prices and ample grass, your cow herds have truly become "cash cows." In the business world, cash cows are products that generate a steady, dependable flow of cash.

What Should You Feed Your Cows This Winter?

For a few obvious (and some not so obvious) reasons, this same question gets asked frequently. As with most questions involving agriculture, the answer is "it depends" - and it primarily depends upon the following key areas: Product Specifics, Availability and Price.

Is There a Future for Ammonium Nitrate?

All these new regulations and laws are likely to have the effect of making ammonium nitrate both less available and more expensive relative to other nitrogen fertilizer products. What does this mean to you?

Think About Putting Away Pasture for the Winter

The question is, "Are your pastures ready for the winter?" Have you planned well enough ahead to bring warm-season pastures through the winter and have them respond as needed or expected next spring?

Walnut Bayou Deer Management Association Profile

A deer management association is a group of land managers in a region who share common deer management goals and make a decision to cooperatively manage their shared deer herd. The 12,640-acre Walnut Bayou Deer Management Association has deer statistics dating back to 1996 illustrating the advantages of landowner cooperation.

Use Caution and Common Sense When Operating ATVs

In the last few years, it seems an increasing number of people are getting injured or killed while operating an ATV.

An Ounce of Prevention May Lead to More Pounds of Live Calves From Heifers

With the current price of replacement cattle, we must maximize the number of heifers that become productive cows. What part does nutrition play in the birth of healthy calves?
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