2003 Archive

Is the Hunting Industry Missing the Point?

Wildlife management, particularly white-tailed deer management, is becoming more and more commercialized, but little attention is given to the basics of deer habitat management because it can't be put in a bag or can and sold for a profit.

Understanding Germination May Be Key in Figuring Out Why A Crop Fails

One of the most challenging and frustrating problems agricultural producers face is to figure out what happened to a planted crop that failed to come up.

Biotechnology Has Potential For Forage Improvement

Plant biotechnology is an extension of traditional plant breeding with one very important difference modern plant biotechnology allows for the transfer of a greater variety of genetic information in a more precise, controlled manner.

To Know Risk is to Know Profit ... No Risk = No Profit

Preparing a risk management plan each year will allow you to review the risks associated with your farm or ranch.

Plan Replacement Female Purchases

For many different reasons, producers often purchase rather than raise their replacement females.

Below the Surface: Some Facts About Soil Compaction

Soil compaction - which occurs when soil particles are pressed together, reducing pore space between particles and pushing out air - can be a serious problem for agricultural producers.

Ag Division Has New R&D Projects Underway: Part II

This is the second installment covering new research and demonstration projects started this year.

Nitrogen Timing for Winter Pasture - Does it Matter?

Timing of nitrogen application will obviously be different if you run only spring stockers versus in both the fall and the spring. How much difference does it make? To answer that, I'd like to share some data from our Red River Research Farm at Burneyville, Okla.

Understanding Scientific Method Allows for Better Interpretation of Research Results

Be leery of results from any "experiment" where there is no replication of treatments and/or the number of observations is very small. Consider carefully the study conditions from which the results were obtained.

Pilot Program Offers Price Insurance for Feeder Cattle

The USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) has announced a pilot program that will extend insurance protection to cow-calf and stocker cattle producers in Texas and Oklahoma.