2002 Archive

Looking For The "Silver Bullet" In Our Forage Arsenal

Spring is here and we are almost out of time to make those last minute decisions on what to plant for summer grazing. Each year during April, we receive numerous phone calls inquiring about planting...

A Burning Issue

Oklahoma requires notification before conducting a prescribed burn.

From the Farm: March, 2002

Hot wire is a farm and ranch management tool that can be used to solve recurring problems such as water gaps or high travel areas.

Keep an Eye on Your Keys

When key forage species get overgrazed, forbs (weeds) or less desirable species will take their place.

Tax Considerations When Buying or Selling a Farm

The cost of buying or selling a farm can be overshadowed by decisions that postpone the payment of income taxes.

The Secret to Success

There is no magic formula for success in crop and forage production. The key is to pay attention to the basics.

Who Needs Water Rights?

The use of fresh water on farms is threatened from several angles. For any significant water use, water rights must be secured.

Thoughts for the Spring Breeding Season

Some advantages of using a controlled breeding season.

Wood Duck Nest Boxes

Guidelines for construction and placement of wood duck nesting boxes.

Supplemental Fat May Help Cows Rebreed

Adding fat to the diet of a cow before calving and/or before breeding can have some substantial benefits.