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Use These Strategies to Increase Doe Harvest

Increased doe harvest is a goal shared by many deer managers - use these methods to reach that goal.

How Does Your Herd Measure Up?

Evaluating a cowherd's performance calls for more than weaning weight numbers - this article can help producers tally other numbers to keep in mind and also gives national averages to compare against.

Fitting Noble Research Institute Recommendations to USDA Guidelines

The various United States Department of Agriculture programs impacting land managers are creating a large volume of work for USDA agencies such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)....

What Is White-Tailed Deer Habitat?

Quality deer habitat includes a mixture of trees, shrubs, vines, forbs, grasses and other plants such as fungi and sedges. Certain plants within each of these categories benefit deer more than others.

Drought, Economy Have Affected Cattle Cycle

The cattle cycle has been extended due to three to four years of drought and the overall economy since 9/11/01. What does this mean for cattle producers?

Stand Establishment, Soil Fertility, Pest Management Key to Productive Alfalfa

Proper management of alfalfa is essential not only for sustaining high-level forage production, but for stand longevity.

And Now ... The Top Ten Winter Stocker Management Tips

These hints can help stocker operators have a more productive winter.

Here's A New Kind of 'B.S.' Degree

Cattle producers have used consistency of manure to make pasture rotation decisions for years - here's an explanation of how to estimate forage quality based on manure consistency.

Control Pecan Depredation by Hunting Crows

Crows are a huge threat to pecan production, especially improved pecans. Here are some guidelines that should be followed before you can successfully control pecan depredation by hunting crows.

Profit or Loss

Tax information does not measure the profitability or financial position of a business. How does a producer document an operation's true financial performance?