2001 Archive

Grazing Winter Pasture

Tips to recognize when winter pasture is ready to graze and how to calculate the number of animals a pasture will support.

Replacing Damaged Pecan Trees

Catastrophic weather has destroyed many pecan trees the last few years. A discussion of different techniques for replacement tree establishment.

Succession Planning: Who's Next?

With the average age of farmers and ranchers at 60 years, the time is ripe for many to plan for the succession of their businesses.

Soil and Water Relationships

By understanding a little about soil's physical properties and its relationship to moisture, you can make better soil-management decisions.

Knowledge Is Key

Beef cooperatives and alliances have the power to make the producer a knowledge-based price negotiator in the market.

What Does Organic Matter Do In Soil?

Organic matter serves as a reservoir of nutrients and water in the soil, aids in reducing compaction, and increases water infiltration. Yet, it's often ignored and neglected.

From the Farm: August, 2001

All-terrain vehicles serve many purposes on Noble Research Institute farms. What questions should you ask yourself before purchasing an ATV?

Preliminary Comparison of Infrared-Triggered Fixed-Camera Deer Surveys and Spotlight Deer Surveys

The Noble Research Institute Wildlife Unit has been using infrared-triggered cameras to monitor and estimate deer populations. This article compares the results to our spotlight survey data.

Good and Bad News for Beef Cattle Producers

Current cattle market trends carry both good and bad news for producers.

How to Share Your Favorite Plants

A photographic guide to using cuttings for plant propagation.