1999 Archive

Passing the Buck

Every time hunters pull the trigger or decide not to, they are making a management decision affecting the future of the herd they are hunting. In deer management circles, "passing the buck" has a positive, rather than a negative, connotation.

Gain Price Differences: Steers Vs. Heifers

One problem every rancher faces is that steers' average daily gain is often higher than that of heifers, yet most ranchers charge a flat rate for gain. If you look at this situation from an economic standpoint, the rancher is not realizing as much revenue from heifers and therefore not achieving his maximum profit.

Bermudagrass Variety Evaluation

Bermudagrass is widely adapted and serves as the primary forage base for many livestock producers in southern Oklahoma and north Texas. Evaluation of its varieties has been an integral part of the Noble Research Institute's forage testing program since 1967.

Water Availability and Distribution for Livestock

The drought of 1998 forced many graziers to consider available water supplies. A water deficiency reduces animal performance, such as milk production, more quickly and severely than feed or mineral...

What Are You Going to Do With Your Calves?

If you have not already decided what you are going to do with your spring-born calves, now is an excellent time to start thinking. As of this writing, cattle prices have been strong, but there is always a danger that prices may level off or even drop.

Pecan Weevil Alert

Oklahoma - grown pecans have a reputation for good - quality nut meats, but also are known for containing larvae of the pecan weevil. Now is the time to protect your pecan crop from possible destruction by the pecan weevil.

Where Is The Beef?

Common concerns of many involved in the "Beef Industry" are "What is our current status?" and "Where are we going?" I am not sure that anyone can address these concerns fully; however, we should gain insight into them by exploring who cattle producers are and who is guiding the industry.

Deer Population Data

Why spend the effort to collect deer population data? Simply, the information is necessary to successfully manage deer in many situations. Proper management of any resource, including deer, begins with establishing goals, learning about the resource, and inventorying the resource.

Using Grazing Records

Many producers are practitioners of rotational grazing management in various forms. Although they are willing to implement a rotational grazing scheme or a fertility recommendation, few are keeping grazing records that can determine the effectiveness of such recommendations.

Agricultural Testing Services Has Moved

There have been many recent changes affecting the Agriculture Testing Services (ATS). In July we moved one-half mile west from our cramped quarters on The Noble Research Institute's campus to a much larger facility that was formerly a Pepsi Cola bottling plant. We have expanded our office and sample preparation area, and the new arrangement facilitates efficient use of our sample-processing machinery.