1998 Archive

The Hydrologic (Water) Cycle

Those with a basic understanding of the water cycle and how it functions should be a step ahead during the current drought. However, "Mother Nature" is complex and often leaves those with the best of knowledge scrambling.

Calves and Corn: Decisions, Decisions

The price of corn should affect the price of cattle. Assuming all other variables remain constant, we expect an inverse relationship, meaning that lower corn prices should cause higher feeder cattle prices.

Fertility Management of Bermudagrass

Well-fertilized bermudagrass can provide more grazing than most other warm season grasses. However, bermudagrass is not as productive or persistent under low fertility as other grasses.

Fertilization of Tall Fescue

Fertilization of established fescue offers an opportunity for cattle producers to generate inexpensive cool season forage.

Summer of 1980 Revisited

If you lived in these parts during 1980, no doubt the summer left quite an impression on your mind. Every living thing suffered through one of the hottest summers on record. Could such an extreme summer happen in 1998?

Brush Sculpting

Brush sculpting is an attempt to manage brush or timber for multiple benefits (primarily livestock and wildlife) in a manner that is both environmentally and economically sound.

Improving Fertility of the Cow Herd

Improving reproductive efficiency is not an easy task, but I cannot imagine any other area where financial rewards are greater. There is an old saying that goes something like, "A dead calf has a very poor growth rate." I think that we can extend this concept to an "un"-conceived or unborn calf.

Questions, Answers & Common Sense

Here we go again! Number one 500 pound steer calves are bringing $100 cwt and producers are paying $950 for quality bred heifers. Whether producers are paying too much is beside the point. These $950 bred heifers are priced on today's calf market.

The Right Tree for the Job

Tree selection is similar to tool selection for a specific job. Selecting the proper tree for the proper site is sometimes a problem.

Hay is for Horses

Many people consider feeding hay to be a necessary cost in any livestock operation. But do they really know the actual cost of substituting hay for a lack or absence of forage in their pastures?