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Becoming a softball fan

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My high school cross country team always said we ran because putting one foot in front of the other was about all we could manage. Well, there's some truth to that saying, particularly for me. The numerous times I've tripped while running hurdles is proof enough. So when I signed up for Parkway Series, the Noble Research Institute's annual softball tournament, I figured I best start practicing early. I'm so glad I signed up (practice was a good call too) because I've found a new sport! I'm still a runner. No doubt my three point start off second base gave that away. So often when you meet unexpected challenges you acquired new skills and new arenas opened that are the most fun. While I've had many of those moments as a Summer Scholar here at Noble, finding it on the softball field was a particularly unexpected and enjoyable one.

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With one softball game under my belt, I'm now looking forward to the next one. Especially if it has as much mud on first base to slide through! I have found the Noble Research Institute emphasizes family, community, a work-hard, play-hard atmosphere. Most of all, it is full of professionals eager to help us Summer Scholars. They help us progress in our academic, professional careers and personal lives any way possible - including excelling in the company softball tournament.

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Anya Gandy is a 2013 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture