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6 Christmas Gifts For The Regenerative Rancher

Get the regenerative rancher on your list what they really want this holiday season.

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Everyone has it.

That corner of the closet or dark desk drawer containing an assortment of unused gifts, just haunting them like the ghosts of Christmas past.

But we’re doing our part to fight the clutter this year, by recommending six gifts any regenerative rancher would love. How do we know? Because we asked them.

Polywire and a geared reel

Joe Pokay, who serves as general ranch manager for Noble Research Institute, was quick to suggest his must-have for anyone practicing adaptive grazing. There’s always a need for more polywire, and a geared reel allows for easier rolling and unrolling.

polywire and geared reel

Light bar for side-by-side

The days are short, but the list of to-dos is long. Both front and back lights are available for most models of UTVs, at a wide range of price points.

light bar on side-by-side

Insulated tumbler with lid

To keep the coffee hot, the water cold and whatever contents inside the cup on a bumpy UTV ride, a rancher can never have too many of these.

Noble tumbler

More fencing supplies — because you can never have too much

Clark Roberts, who manages Noble Research Institute’s Coffey Ranch, would add these items to his list: step-in posts, T-post insulators, insulated electric-fence jumper wire and an electric-fence fault finder. Paul Luna, ranch facility manager, adds a compact bolt cutter to cut wire and a solar fence energizer.

sheep fence supplies

Engraved pocketknife

Every rancher needs a knife, and personalized ones make a great gift.

pocket knife

Rechargeable LED headlamp

Whether you’re burning the midnight oil or need extra light as you work on equipment, Luna suggests a high-quality headlamp. His favorite is an Everlyte.


Want to win our top gift idea, an $850 value? Be sure to follow us on Instagram for a giveaway. (And we won’t tell if you keep it for yourself.)

Katrina Huffstutler

Katrina Huffstutler formerly served as senior public relations and digital marketing coordinator for Noble Research Institute. Previously, she was executive director of communications for Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Katrina holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University.

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