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Learn About Managing Your Ranch for Success at TSCRA

By Amy Hays
Adult Education Manager

Posted Feb. 12, 2020

If you are attending the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) annual convention in Fort Worth, we hope that you will make plans to visit with us. This year, we will have a booth on the trade show floor and will be in the classrooms at the School for Successful Ranching. We would love to connect with you and find ways that we can work with you on your journey to successful ranching.

Trade Show Floor – Booth #739

Stop by for a visit and pick up information on management practices for your beef cattle enterprises. Visit with agricultural consultants and find answers to questions you have about your operations. We will also help you sign up or complete your profile for your Noble account. By signing up for a Noble account, you have access to educational events, newsletters and special programs that are geared toward land stewardship in grazing animal production for producer profitability.

School for Successful Ranching Special Session: Are You an Intentional Producer?

Noble Research Institute’s intentional producer education series is designed to guide producers who are looking to assess, measure and implement specific change in seven areas of production operations. This special track session is designed to help producers in two of the seven areas: livestock management and livestock marketing. The intent of this special track is to have producers assess their current operations, to highlight useful tools that can be used to monitor and manage parts of their operations, and to identify proactive management areas where they can begin to plan intentional management strategies. By the end of this session, producers should be able to target their plans in livestock and pasture management and to identify potential needs or plans for livestock marketing.

Intentionally Managing Your Livestock

All livestock producers have livestock, but do you have managed livestock? There are key elements that you can create for strategies to maximize your management of your livestock.

In this session, we will focus on the critical areas of proactive management and provide useful tools to help you develop intentional management strategies — strategies that can move your operation from only operating to operating with a plan. You’ll be able to assess where you are at currently and what your options are for moving forward. We will be sharing proactive management measures, grazing systems, and tools and metrics to monitor your goals.

Intentionally Marketing Your Livestock

Do you sell your livestock or do you market them? An intentional producer has a plan for marketing. Marketing isn’t just the selling, it is the business of building your livestock for a targeted endpoint. That endpoint can vary, but it isn’t the place you end up at, it’s the place you drive toward. It’s traditional in the industry that we have the general idea that we want to market our livestock, but how does knowing your market determine everything from how you select your grazing regime and pasture management to your calving management program and even human resource management?

In this session, you’ll assess your marketing strategy and where you can make intentional management decisions to build upon your livestock goals.