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Seed Tags: What Is on Them?

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You have decided to plant a crop, and now you want to make sure it gets off to a good start. A good crop starts with good seed. And much of the information you need to know is on those seed tags.

There may be multiple tags, including certification, analysis and treatment tags. Certification tags are usually blue for certified seed, but they may also be purple or white for registered or foundation seed. The certification tag must include the crop, variety, lot number and owner.

Seed Tag

Analysis tags may be separate, or the information may be on the certification tag. Analysis tags include percent purity, other crop and weed seed, and noxious weeds. Analysis will also include percent germination, hard seed and date tested. Note that the germination test is done under ideal conditions. To get a better idea of germination under field conditions, a vigor test should be done.

If required, the Plant Variety Protection Act statement may be on the certification tag, analysis tag or both.

The treatment tag(s) will indicate any fungicides, insecticides or other materials applied to the seed, and their associated precautions and handling instructions.

James Locke is the former planned consultation manager and a senior soils and crops consultant. He can be found on LinkedIn.