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Scholars Program Puts Students on Path to Pursue Their Passions

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Three years ago, the Noble Research Institute enhanced its commitment to developing better prepared leaders in the agriculture industry. By modifying the already successful Lloyd Noble Scholars in Agriculture program, we built a unique experience that bridged textbook learning and the future needs of agriculture.

Noble Learning committed to taking a more managed approach with this program by incorporating professional development and cross-training within all disciplines represented here at Noble and by using industry partnerships to broaden scholars’ horizons. In addition to developing the program itself, Noble allowed my duties to become more heavily dedicated to the scholars and their summer experience.

Ag Consultant and Summer Scholar work with a Boar Buster trap

Passion, Commitment and Connections

Today I serve as the program coordinator and am blessed to see students pursue and realize their future in the professional world.

Passion for a specific issue or discipline in young professionals is not often found inside a textbook. More so, it exists in experiences and connections made throughout a student’s time as an undergraduate. Throughout the year, I have aimed to give students meaningful experiences that help them develop a passion and direction for their future careers.

Unlike most traditional internships, this scholars program is a combination of traditionally focused projects and broad exposure to professional development, cross-discipline training and mentorship. Students and mentors (often agricultural consultants) alike develop professionally, enhance their leadership skills and make long-lasting connections throughout the summer program. A true commitment to the future of agriculture can be found in our committee of Noble staff, who spend a year preparing for the pursuit of qualified, enthusiastic students who are looking for the opportunity to develop and explore their passions.

When the commitment of our mentors and education staff is met with the enthusiasm of an incoming scholar, the opportunities are endless. After completing the program, scholars often have a clearer idea of the path they intend to take for their future and are equipped with connections to make the necessary next steps possible. Oftentimes, relationships formed during a student’s experience benefit them in the job market and connect them to the Noble family indefinitely. I certainly have made connections that I hope to keep long into the future.