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New Cattle Market Web Tools Now Available

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Producers can now easily access Oklahoma cattle auction data using two web-based tools created by the Noble Research Institute’s economics consultants and computing services team.

We’ve taken the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA-AMS) market reports from the seven reporting livestock auctions in Oklahoma (Ada, Apache, El Reno, McAlester, Oklahoma National, Tulsa and Woodward), as well as the Oklahoma combined average, sorted through the numbers and put them back together in a way that makes it easy for producers to see the current market conditions.

Information is updated every evening in order to stay as up-to-date as possible. This dataset also provides producers the ability to look at historical conditions for these markets. All the information provided by these web tools are available publicly.

Cattle Market Web Tools Price Slide


Cattle Market Web Tools Chart

Find the Cattle Market Data Tools Here

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This is just the beginning. Working toward providing producers with the tools and information that can be used to make timely management decisions, like determining when to buy or sell cattle, is one of the great things we do here at Noble. This opens the door to so many more things we can start to do. I’m excited to see what kind of response these web tools get from the producers we work with and to find out what they’d like to see next.

Jason Bradley serves as an agricultural economics consultant in the producer relations program. His areas of interest include financial planning, budgeting and analysis, along with marketing plans and risk management. He joined the Noble Research Institute in 2016.