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Texoma Cattlemen's Conference Moved to June, Field Day Added

By Hugh Aljoe
Director of Producer Relations

Posted Jan. 1, 2018

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Texoma Cattlemen's Conference, scheduled for Friday, June 15, 2018. In the past, we have hosted the conference in late February. We have moved the date to June because we want to offer a field day the day before, on June 14, 2018, to present the applied demonstrations and research activities being conducted by Noble researchers, managers and staff. The ideal time to host visitors on our farms is during the growing season but before the extreme summer heat.

Over the last decade, there have been several land acquisitions added to the land sources under Noble management. We have also developed new livestock facilities, deployed new technologies, and initiated new research and demonstrations, all of which targets meaningful outcomes for today's and future producers in the Southern Great Plains. If you attended last year's Texoma Cattlemen's Conference, you received a glimpse of some of the applied research work being conducted at Noble. If you attend the field day before this year's conference, you can see many of these research activities, plus more, in the field. Although we will again provide brief research updates at the conference, you have to visit the farms and experience it for yourself to truly appreciate our renewed agricultural systems focus. Our farms and ranches are managed by our applied agricultural systems and technologies staff under the direction of Billy Cook, Ph.D., and managers Evan Whitley, Ph.D.; Charles Rohla, Ph.D.; and Stephen Webb, Ph.D. We have not finalized the agenda for the tour, but you can expect to see and hear about forage, livestock and pecan management and results as well as how we use technology to help manage our farm and ranch resources. In addition, hear about the new research activities with land stewardship and agricultural systems implications that we anticipate can apply to our regional producers' operations.

The theme of this year's Texoma Cattlemen's Conference is "The Road to Stewardship: Focusing on Beef Production." We are in the process of finalizing the speakers and topics. Ron Hays, Oklahoma's voice of agriculture, will be the event moderator. We also expect a great trade show, as usual. Expect the field day and conference to be well connected. However, you will be able to register for them separately should you only be able to attend one day.

Watch for more information about the Texoma Cattlemen's Conference and field day on our website, in Noble News and Views and through emails. We will also provide hotel information in case you would like to stay a night or two in Ardmore during the events.

Again, the Texoma Cattlemen's Conference has been moved to Friday, June 15, and a field day will be held Thursday, June 14. We hope to see you there!